How to Download Install Google Chrome for Windows 10

Chrome is a browser that updates automatically whenever there is a new version available. It is also updated “silently”, this means that it does not need any action on your part. It can be installed in almost any operating system and is available in 50 languages. The secret of the speed of Google Chrome is based on the ability of the browser to process JavaScript codes, which are the ones used in most web pages.

Below are steps to Install Google Chrome Browser on Windows 10:

•    The first step is to download Chrome. To do this, open the default web browser on your PC. Most of the time, it is accessible on the taskbar. These include, for example, Edge software for the Windows 10 operating system or Internet Explorer for older versions of Windows.

•    Go to the download page for Chrome is following the link next. If you prefer, you can also paste the address into the address bar of your web browser.

•    Then click on the Download Chrome button.

•    The Google site automatically detects the operating system you are using and thus offers you the correct Chrome version.

•    Finish by clicking the Accept and Install button.

•    A window will appear at the bottom of your web browser to find out what you want to do with the Chrome installation software (ChromeSetup.exe). Click the Run option to launch the download directly.

•    Choose the Save option to download the installer to your computer to start the installation later.

•    The installer launches the download of Google Chrome. It is manifested by the display on your screen of a progress bar. Wait for the download to complete.

Install Google Chrome

The next step installs the Chrome software on your computer. Here you do not have much to do. The installation process is started automatically at the end of the software download. A new window containing a progress bar appears on your screen.

When the installation is complete, a new icon is created on your Windows desktop and the Google Chrome software is launched automatically. You can now test it and discover its features.

If you like Chrome, feel free to pin it to your taskbar. This allows you to access the application faster.

For people who do not like to install applications on Windows, there is a Chrome Portable application. However, these versions are not officially provided by Google. So to book the most informed users.

Change your default browser on Windows 10 :

After trying it, you prefer Chrome compared to Internet browser Edge or Internet Explorer? You want Chrome to become your default web browser. This means that it will open when you click on a link in a Text document, pdf or application.

Several solutions are available to choose your default web browser. I present to you the two methods which seem to be the simplest.

  • During the first launches of Chrome, an insert offers to Set Chrome as the default browser.
  • Click on this last button if it’s your choice.
  • If this inset no longer appears at start-up, go to the menu and choose Settings
  • Rather than searching the options list, type the default word in the search bar. Then click on the link Use by default in the list of results.